Phishing E-mails / SPAM

Lately some emails may show up in your Inbox, supposedly coming from the Espiv crew, asking the users to enter a webpage and put their passwords there… We repeat it one more time: DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORDS TO ANYONE! You must not reveal your email passwords under any circumstances; not even to the group.

The only fields where you should fill in the passwords to your email account are just the two webmail of & — both are found on exclusively secure pages (https), and do NOT generate a notification pop-up of your browser whenever you visit them. Apart from those two sites, please ignore any other webpage that asks you to log in to “” email: do not open or click on it!

Besides, the Espiv crew sends alerts and newsletters on various topics only through info(at), and will NEVER ask you to give out your passwords! Any other messages that appear as “” have nothing to do with; they are spam emails. It’s always useful to report such malicious messages back to us…

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