Newsletter, September 2014

Hello to all of you!

We want to let you know about a series of important changes in various services. Please read below.

Web file repository to be replaced by is a file-sharing service using outdated/deprecated software. That’s why we are about to retire it. We strongly recommend you make your own local backup of any files you had uploaded on, as everything will be permanently deleted one month after you receive this newsletter — on October 15th, 2014. Then we will configure to direct to new software.

For uploading and sharing files, you can use a new service at currently using Coquelicot software. Coquelicot has almost the same features as the previous service, but offers significant security enhancements; for example, the server administrators will no longer be able to have access to the files that you upload. The webpage will ask for a password — this is just for anti-spam purposes. Use ‘espiv’ and proceed

Passphrases for

Until recently the passphrase of a user for was restricted to 8 characters. Thanks to a technical upgrade, we can now support a new password storage scheme without this passphrase length restriction. To migrate to this new scheme, please make sure to successfully log in your account using the webmail interface, at If not, you will not be able to use your email account. This change will take effect 15 days after you receive this newsletter — on October 1st, 2014.

Email account preservation policy in

Users often create an email account, but cease to use it at some point. This is also the case with Resources are not unlimited, and it is generally considered a bad practice to keep one’s data online forever. We therefore implement a new policy concerning the preservation of users’ accounts.

Email accounts that are not in use for more than 6 months will be disabled. This means that mailbox’s contents will still be kept on our servers, but users will not be able to receive or send new emails. If users want to re-enable their email account, they will have to contact espiv admin team by submitting a bug report,, in no more than 6 months after the account has been flagged as disabled.

Email accounts that will be disabled 6 months after the last login, and whose users will not contact us for another 6 months, will be permanently deleted (after 1 year of inactivity). This implies that the mailbox’s contents will also be permanently deleted, and there will be no turning back. collective