New safe connection certificates for and


In we are using only encrypted TLS connections for all services.
The certificates issued for these services come with an expiration date and renewal is required.

As of today, 5 July 2015 all espiv services use the newly issued certificates, two wildcard certificates are being used one for the domain and one for our blogs domain

Please make sure that you are using only safe connection protocols (such as HTTPS) with the following certificate fingerprints: (Common Name *

SHA256 Fingerprint

SHA1 Fingerprint
9D:64:5B:B0:4A:99:BE:34:CB:FF:8E:FC:89:80:2C:DE:45:3B:74:67 (Common Name *

SHA256 Fingerprint

SHA1 Fingerprint

This change will be active on all websites, blog, webmail, email, mailing lists, and forums that are administrated by espiv.

More information about espiv security can be found here: