Onion services (Tor)

  • Onion Service for SMTP (25/587), IMAP(s) (143/993), POP3s (995): lloiryev7cvzszsn.onionfor anonymous access from any mail client with Tor, e.g. Thunderbird TorBirdy
  • Onion Service for webmail: http://5sn2hxofsu6b55lo.onionfor anonymous access to the webmail of espiv.net using Tor Browser
  • Onion Service for file sharing: http://z7zbg7sxhxfergpo.onionto anononymously exchange files only over Tor Browser(the password asked is: espiv)
  • Onion Service for mailing lists: http://zq36q5rfxd3cnvd5.onionfor anonymous access to mailing lists management interface of espiv.net using Tor Browser