Security Information

  • TLS[1] with proper certificates for SMTP(s), IMAP(s), POP3(s)

encryption of all incoming/outgoing email connections of the server.

  • Certificate pinning[2] for other collective email services (,,,, etc[3])

certified and secure connection of with the servers of most collectives/email providers for activists.

  • Forced TLS connections for public email services (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc)

exclusively encrypted connections between and the servers of most commercial email providers.

  • Anonymized (Client IPs are removed) logs for mail and webmail

no IP address is recorded on the server.

all data traffic between the computer browser and the webmail ( is encrypted.

  • Autodiscovered settings mechanism for Thunderbird[4]

automatic settings accounts in Thunderbird mail client.

[3] en/radical-servers