Newsletter February 2017

Hey everybody and happy new year!

In cybrigade (the administrative group behind & we constantly try to communicate every change and improvements we make to our services, along with helpful instructions on how to use them.
Lately, we’ve kind of neglected that, but we promise hope to come back.

With that in mind, read the newsletters that we send and provide us with feedback/questions/suggestions (to; this will surely benefit us all.

[Table of contents]

0. Newsletters available in Mailbox
1. Mailing lists without administrators
2. Mailing lists and Yahoo emails
3. Mail quotas
4. Auto redirect webmail to onion service when using Tor Browser
5. Participation in events in Larissa and Volos, Greece

Newsletters available in Mailbox

Those of you who use our email service, might have noticed a new directory showing up in your maildir named “Public->Newsletters”.
Inside that directory you can find most of the newsletters we’ve been sending over the previous couple of years, so that everyone, even newcomers, can read and benefit from them.
Those who haven’t done it already, please spend a few minutes to read them. You’ll surely find interesting stuff…

Mailing lists without administrators

There have been several occasions lately, where mailing lists’ administrator email accounts are not in use any more.
The most common reason for that is either an unavailable email account (one that is closed or disabled) or an email account that is rejecting new incoming emails, due to a full mailbox.
As a result we can no longer communicate with those lists’ administrators, and can’t confirm any changes requested by the rest list members.
Mailing list members/administrators that don’t know whether their administrator account is active or don’t know who administrates their list, should contact us immediately.
Lists without an active administrator email account, will be deactivated.
If a mailing list is no longer needed, an *administrator* of the list may contact us and prompt us to delete it.

Mailing Lists and yahoo emails

Proper adjustments have been made to our mail server and mailing list software to make espiv lists able to receive emails from yahoo email accounts again.
All mailing lists have been set to change their “From:” address to mailing list’s email address when an email originates from yahoo domains.
Even though we don’t recommend changing these settings, any mailing list administrators that want to, they should probably read the relative link below before proceeding to changes.


Mail quotas

Last August we started forcing mail quotas (hard email disk-space limits) for all email users, following our previous announcements.
We’d like to remind you that mail quota is 300Mb, no exceptions made.
You can find instructions on how to regularly cleanup your mailbox in the link below.


Auto redirect webmail to onion service when using Tor Browser

For some time now, we automatically redirect all users who are visiting through Tor (e.g. TorBrowser), to our webmail’s Onion Service (http://5sn2hxofsu6b55lo.onion) for more online protection.
You can find more info about espiv’s onion services in our website on the links below.


Participation in events in Larissa and Volos, Greece

Last November we joined two events in Larisa and Volos, Greece as there was the birthday  fest of “Ntougrou Squat” in Larisa and because we were also invited by comrades of “Termita Squat” in Volos, to present the latest leaflet we published, named “On decentralization and other daemons”.
The communication we had was very fruitful and it wasn’t just confined to presentations (and beers).
Various other topics were discussed, like the course of internet activist infrastructures (historical flashback), the importance of releasing ourselves from commercial providers while trying to have activist communications, issues around security and privacy, the structure, ways of operation and decision taking of cybrigade and more.
The most important part though was that we finally met with each other and (hopefully) made more clear that cybrigade is not just an alternative provider of digital services but a collective that was born and strengthened in the radical and anti-authoritarian movement, and (is trying) to offer back to it.

Thanks a lot for the invitation, comrades! Cheers to next events!


your beloved administrative collective of and