Newsletter Ιανουάριος 2018

This is the last newsletter for 2017 on behalf of the
collective. Read on to find some useful information!

The importance of your “backup email” (once again)

Backup email is the email address you gave when you asked for an espiv
email account and where you received the
connection details for your shiny new espiv account. On this particular
address, the backup email, is where we’re goind to send you instructions
on how to recover your espiv account in case you forget your passphrase.

If you want to change your currently set backup email to a different
address, you may do so by visiting .

We urge you to immediately go and check your current backup email as
seen in and make sure that you actually have
access (can login) to this backup email. Remember that for us this
address is our only way to verify that you own a particular espiv email
account. So losing access to your backup email and forgetting your espiv
passphrase may result to completely losing your espiv email.

 Financial review for 2017


Cybrigade is funded by its members, as well as other solidarity teams
and individuals.

Balance from 2016: 485€
Contributions from members: 1274€

Sum: 1759€


Servers: 734€
Certificates: 240€
Funding to other infrastructures: 240€
Stickers: 52€
Posters: 125€

Sum: 1391€



Rainloop, a new web client for espiv mail

Around two months ago we deployed a new, friendly web client for espiv
email. Rainloop, as this new client is called, may be accessed at . You may give rainloop a try instead of the
“classic” Roundcube that we still offer at Among
other things, Rainloop features a mobile-friendly theme. Although we
don’t encourage using mobile phones for activism we do know that some of
you still use these daemonic devices.

Happy new year ya all!