What options do I have through our.espiv.net?

Currently our.espiv.net offers the following options: 1. Change password 2. Change backup mail 3. Reset password: With this option you can recover your password by following the instructions that will be sent to your backup mail. 4. Disable account in case of emergency: With this option you deactivate your email as well as your access at our.espiv.net. Be careful! If you deactivate your account, you will no longer have access to our.espiv.net or your email account! The only way to activate your account again is by contacting the espiv/squat team.

What is the “backup mail” I see in our.espiv.net?

This is the email you filled in the registration form when you requested a new account and where information about your newly created account was sent (username & password). It’s the same email that will be used to send you instruction to recover your password in case you’ve forgotten your old one. Until now, the only way someone could change his/her backup mail was through the bug report form. Now through our.espiv.net everyone who has an espiv account can change their backup email.We urge you to make sure that your backup email is an active mail account that you have...

Τί είναι το our.espiv.net;

Το our.espiv.net είναι ένα εργαλείο με το οποίο μπορείς να διαχειριστείς τον λογαριασμό email σου χωρίς την βοήθεια των admin του espiv.net. Πλέον θα έχεις την δυνατότητα να αλλάξεις τον κωδικό και το email επικοινωνίας (backup mail) σου, αφού κάνεις login στο εργαλείο/στη σελίδα. Αν δεν θυμάσαι το κωδικό σου, υπάρχει η δυνατότητα να σου σταλεί ένα link ανάκτησης κωδικού μέσω του κουμπιού “Forgot your password?”/”Ξέχασες τον κωδικό σου;” στο backup email σου.