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We ask you not to use our services to support any of the following:

  • Any form of hierarchical social organising and its institutions
  • Religious propaganda
  • Personal or collective promotion for reasons of spectacle
  • Any case of profitable commercial activity
  • Any reasoning based on the idea that law equals justice

Read more about the team here.

  • To corporate email users: In order not to lose any emails from, check your spam folder as well.
  • First you might want to check the services we provide and the hosting terms.
  • If you have questions regarding our services, please make sure you’ve read our HOWTOs/documentation before contacting us.

Contact email (required):
An email to contact you.

To encourage the use of non-logging email service on decentralized self-managed servers of friendly tech collectives, we strongly suggest that the administrators, who register for espivblogs and mailing lists, use email addresses from one of the following radical providers:,,,, etc. (for more complete list: )

In case you don't have such an email address already, we could create one for you in espiv! 🙂

Contact email:

It must be a valid email account; we'll be sending personal data (like passwords).

Username or Subdomain name of service (required)

According to our username policy, the username or domain name should have at least 5 symbols that could be:

  • English letters (a-z)
  • Numbers (0-9)
  • Dash ('-')
  • Aswell as Dot ('.') and Underdash ('_') for emails και mailing lists

We'd like you to be sure of your decision, as later changes on of the selected name are difficult and time-consuming processes.

The domains we provide are of the form:

  • For email: username
  • For mailing list: username
  • For blog: subdomain .domain.tld
Desired Username/Subdomain:

Service (required)

Planet usage
Choose "Yes" if you want your blog/site to appear on Espiv Planet.

A few words about yourself (required)
At this point, we 'd like you to tell us a few words about why you chose espiv and how you think these reasons (or you, in general) connect to espiv's goals. This step is very important to us because we want to retain "contact" with people, collectives and projects that we host, and this is not always easy because of time and/or distance. So, before applying for espiv's services, please read about espiv collective and our terms of service. Your input will help us decide whether to accept/reject your application; take some time and don't simply write "secure communication", "Tor", "GNU/Linux", "NSA", "Anarchy" etc.
If your input doesn't satisfy us your application will be ignored without further notice.
Keep in mind that your application is read and served by collective members and not by trained robots! So, be patient and usually within 10 days you will hear from us if you followed the above.

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