squat.gr and espiv.net under same administration collective

espiv.net and squat.gr are now under the same administration collective. Both groups were always in close communication exchanging knowledge/expertise and were both supporting each other by technical means. Besides the geographical adjacency, we, “people” from both groups, share the same political values, placing ourselves into the competitive/antiauthoritarian/anticapitalist movement.

Recently, we decided to unify our infrastructures due to reduced people dynamics in one of the projects. From now on, a unified administration collective, cybrigade (espiv), will be responsible for both projects. At the moment, basic services that we are offering will remain as-is. However, terms of services will change to the ones set by espiv.net (https://espiv.net/terms_of_service/). Technical Maintenance has already started and upon completion, new blog users will be able to select which one of the two domains would prefer for their blogs.

We believe that it’s crucial to develop autonomous (hosting) infrastructures to boost communication and expression. It’s a matter of culture, organization model and technical perfection that those infras remain decentralized. We are setting this both as a challenge and as a necessity; the development of those  infrastructures will “embrace” and expand the “work” of squat.gr and espiv.net.

We do not oversee that this coalition of espiv and squat forces, may seem as a small step backwards on the path of decentralization and that is why, we are publicly emphasizing the importance of developing new similar activities. Finally, we hope that our move will not act as a deterrent to those objectives but instead promote them.

Your favorite administration collective of espiv.net and squat.gr