How do I migrate my joomla site to espivblogs?

The migration of the content of a Joomla site becomes fairly easy by using the “FG Joomla to WordPress” plugin. The requested steps are the following:
  1. We activate the “FG Joomla to WordPress” plugin.
  1. On the Dashboard of espivblogs we click Tools → Import → Joomla(FG). If we don’t have a blog in espiv, we make a request through the hosting form
We need the following data from the site’s config :
$user= ‘$dbusername’; Username
$password= ‘$dbpassword’; Password
$db= ‘$db_name’; Database
public$dbprefix = ‘$dbprefix_’; Joomla Table Prefix** 
  0.3. After we have filled in all of the above data, we click on “test connection” to make sure that everything is correct and that we can connect to the joomla base. If everything turns out ok, we move on to the following import,
  0.4. After we have carefully read and chosen the options that we want for the content import, we click the related option.
   – The import can run as many times as we wish. There is also the choice of clearing the content before running again, so we can try more than once, however the transfer takes some time, especially if we have chosen for it to clear the content beforehand. If during the transfer you get an “error” page, refresh. It will have to load again.
   – For any occurring problems, we check here first:
     Also, you should pay attention to the description of the transfer here
     If we don’t come across a solution, we inform espiv via the bug report form ( ) or via email at
  0.5. If we are finished with the content transfer, we are done. We deactivate the plugin so that the data from the old base won’t be saved.
       If there was a joomla domain that we would like to maintain, we inform espiv as stated above, to make the necessary changes and delete the old joomla site.
When it comes to the appearance of the site, it will obviously be different and you will have to dedicate some time to organizing the menu and the categories, and you will probably be able to choose a theme similar to what you had in mind.
On the farm, we are the ones who make the additional installations of plugins and themes, and if you come to need something that is not already installed, you contact us.
**Note: It is preferable that espiv fills in the data for joomla sites that it already hosts. If the joomla site is on another provider, you will need to request/have the above data in order to proceed.